About the Benjamin Claude Paden Scholarship

“...The influence the Aegean Center has had on my life has been tremendously positive... [from a letter to John Pack]

Seeing a teacher's dreams turned into a reality, and the effect that this can have on students is rare. The path that you have followed as a teacher has encouraged me to discover my own dreams as a teacher and work towards turning these visions into a reality. The education received at the Aegean Center affects students in a way that allows them to realize their dreams. 

As I describe to other educators my visions of education, they respond with a level of disbelief and frustration that is more than understandable with the structure of today's education. 

Having witnessed first-hand that it is possible to create a learning environment where students are proudly in charge of becoming life-long learners, I continue to move forward with making my dreams as a teacher become a reality without getting frustrated by what I see before me. It is my dream to create a learning environment that will give students a chance to fall in love with learning and the opportunity to be in charge of their own education.

I would love for you to offer a scholarship in my father's name. He would be honored to have a scholarship in his memory at the Aegean Center. I have such fond memories of bringing him along on one of the hikes when he came to visit. It was his love for mythology and the myths he read to me as a child that sparked my interest in Greece in the first place.”