Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence

Fifty years...five decades...half a century, no matter how it’s said, the fact the Aegean Center continues to grow and thrive is an event well worth celebrating. The school has passed through times both difficult and sublime but what makes this anniversary so significant is that the school continues to flourish in a time when independent programs are disappearing as corporate education takes over. In the past decade the study abroad market has become populated with thousands of programs. The Aegean Center was among the very first study abroad programs of its kind and has held steady to the course of its founding philosophy. The school has operated primarily on tuition alone throughout its 50 year history with gifts and donations making up only .001% of our collective funding.

Now is the time to secure the future of the Aegean Center. This will be the first time we have run a major fund raising campaign. When I read the buying and selling of used athletic shoes is an annual billion dollar industry, I am stunned. When I contemplate the obscene amounts of money spent on the presidential elections and the colossal amount of waste in many organizations I realize how little it will take by comparison to endow the Center and secure its future. We are asking for donations to help build an endowment, to establish new artists residencies to help maintain our quality and diversify our instruction, to keep the facility up to date and in good repair, and increase scholarship fund.  An endowment will also help smooth over periods when world events may cause enrollment to fluctuate keeping us resourceful and viable through the 21st century.

If you would like to discuss options for donating please contact me. Thank you for considering a donation to the Aegean Center,
 John Pack, Director


We have set our goal for 2 million dollars and some of our current needs are set out below.  Of course you can designate to which fund you wish to make a contribution. Your help and generosity will allow us to continue offering our quality education to a diverse group of students and maintain our autonomy.  Every gift counts.
Endowment Fund (to ensure the continuation of the school through the unpredictable world events.)
Scholarship Fund (to help keep our student body diverse)
Upgrading student housing (with the view to purchasing our own student accomodation)
Upgrading the digital lab (computers and software are in constant need of upgrading)
Maintenance of the Facility (repainting windows and doors and general repairs)
Establishing the Visiting Artist Fund (so we can continue to bring exceptional people to the Center)
Establishing a Theater Department (since drama began here in Greece)

You can donate either with PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer. If you prefer to make a bank transfer please contact us for the wire information: giving@aegeancenter.org.

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