Digital & Film

In this course we work through the entire digital photography workflow, starting with camera work and including color theory and management, system calibration, building our own ICC profiles, scanning, and materials. Students learn how to use digital imaging software, peripheral capturing devices, and printer management specific to fine photographic printing.

From capture to finished print we address how use of technical control informs our ideas and creative voice, how a practiced knowledge of craft is essential to the creative process fostering much greater potential and possibilities for expression in photography. Another important aspect of this course is using the digital lab to produce photographic images of the highest quality and permanence. Photographs produced in the Center's digital lab rival, and most often exceed, those of the traditional silver process. In this class we are not concerned with expanded computer arts, per se, although elements outside the realm of photography are illuminated and addressed as they overlap and occur within our workflow. Camera work is of fundamental importance in the course, both digital and film cameras, image evaluation, as is aesthetics and the creative process in general.

The photography class meets twice a week along with weekly one-to-one meetings with the instructor. We also have an analog-silver darkroom. Our instructor has vast knowledge and experience with film photography.