Creative Writing

The Aegean Center's Writing class is a workshop, where students receive encouragement and criticism from their peers and from the instructor. Students submit samples of poetry or fiction for discussion. Assignments and technical exercises are given as needed, and appropriate readings are discussed. Expository writing is also offered. The workshop format is used for group discussion, readings, and analysis.  Since the workshop is small, students are asked to have a new piece or a revision for every class; if the class is large (never more than ten, usually six or seven), then at least once a week. Students who write more than can be discussed in class meet privately with the teacher.  Works are discussed in detail, and specific suggestions for revisions are always offered. Exercises are given to students who wish to learn specific skills, and also to students who find it difficult to write creatively but remain committed. In addition, short readings of classic poems are offered as examples and are analyzed in class. Specific techniques – e.g. rhyme and meter in poetry, narrative strategies in prose fiction -- are discussed. Guest readings happen during the semester, and many poets have read at the Aegean Center. The course concludes with a public reading, always well attended.