Art History

Classical Greece

 Just walking about Greece is an education in classical art and literature. And after a long morning spent at the Acropolis, and hours spent at other ancient sites, you begin to understand the meaning of Greek statues, of Greek tragedy, and of classicism. The course includes 12 two-hour slide lectures on Greek art from Cycladic through Byzantine, and detailed on-site study in the Acropolis and Archaeological Museum of Athens. In our home base of Paros,  tours are taken of the Archaeological Museum and of the Delion, the Asclepion, and the ancient quarries. The Roman Art lectures include a guided tour of the Roman Forum, two slide lectures, and a tour of the Vatican's Roman museum (fall session only); and on Paros, the famed Byzantine Church of a Hundred Doors. Student requests for specific lecture topics are welcome, and individual courses of study can also be arranged.