aegean center summer workshops 2018


July 01 - 15  (2 Weeks)

Optional one week extension is available for this course: July 16 – 22   ( 3 Weeks  July 1 - 22 )

For those painters who are looking for a more responsive paint and who would like to move away from solvents and chemicals in the studio. After years of research, practice and achievement, Jane Morris Pack, has mastered the techniques of oil paint.

We admire masterworks in museums for, among other things, their brilliant colouring, their longevity due to the painter's technical expertise and for the evidence of the artist's hand in the brushwork. Many paint effects from the past seem nearly unattainable with modern materials and this has lead artists to try to rediscover secret formulas or find additives that emulate historical processes. Resins, wax, and complex chemical mixtures have all been tried. Research done by the National Gallery in London however has revealed that linseed oil, coloured pigment and additions of calcium carbonate are the sole ingredients in many master works before the 20th century. 

Though we are seduced by the ubiquitous presence of modern materials, traditional methods are intriguing and wonderful to investigate.  Egg tempera and encaustic have both had a renaissance in the last twenty years. The fundamental substance of oil painting however, which is the oil itself, has been accepted as standard by most artists.  Modern linseed oil is alkali cleaned and heated, it is no longer manually pressed and sun thickened as it once was. The knowledge of how to hand refine organic linseed oil allows the modern artist to create a paint which is flexible, fast drying and sensitive to the brush.  Impasto areas dry quickly yet thin delicate glazes are easy to obtain.

This workshop intends to teach the process of hand refining the oil, the use of layering, glazing and impasto application, the added uses of an egg emulsion and to demonstrate  how solvents are eliminated from the painters studio. We will be working on several paintings simultaneously with various approaches and the student will leave with the information necessary to recreate these processes in their own studios. There will be further demonstrations on the egg tempera technique for those who wish to include this as an underpainting.

This workshop is designed for those who already have some experience in painting and who wish to improve their understanding of procedure and methods that enhance their experience with paint.

This process is based on the research of Louis Velasquez whose generous sharing of information stirred my curiousity.

Instructor: Jane Morris Pack

Dates: July 01 - 15, 2018

Cost: $3,200

The Beginning of the Process

The Beginning of the Process

“An additional one week extension on the initial two week course is available, 26 June – 2 July. Please indicate on your application if interested in the extension. ”

The extension is not a separate one week course. It is intended to allow students who attended the first 2 week course the opportunity to work more independently under the close guidance of Jane Pack and put to use the skills they have obtained during the prior two weeks. 

Cost: €4,200 (for 3 week session)

Price Includes:
Workshop instruction

Unlimited access to painting studios
Use of the Center's entire facility
Some shared taverna meals
Transport for scheduled activities
Boat trip and taverna meal full day excursion

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